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    What is Expert

    Machine expert checks the machine to find out any electrical and mechanic revisions made on the machine from the day it was installed or commissioned and ecamines the machine to reveal damaged parts that may incur cost in the near future. When the machine expertise process is done, a written report and information is presented to the person who requested for the procedure.

    The reports to be prepared by our professional experts in the world allows you to know in advance the cost you may incur and also lets you sell / buy machines at an affordable cost.

    Our goal as Motsis team is to become the market leader in our sector and to provide a more professional platform to our portal users. This will save the seller/buyer time for their best work done.

    View Experts
    So be part of our team and power your trade with us. A different team in a friendly environment awaits you. Together let’s show the world what expert team has to offer.

    Basic Expert ;

    • Visual inspection to check if the machine is really in place.
    • Report preparation from observations.

    Standard Expert ;

    • De-assembling and / or assembling of the machine.
    • Report preparation from observations .

    Advanced Expert ;

    • Performs installation and commissioning.
    • Report preparation from observations.