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    1. Why Motsis membership benefits 

    -With Motsis, you can easily sign up for the machine market worldwide, buy and sell used or new machines you need.

    -The biggest advantage is that you can interact with the machine market around the world for free.

    -You can subscribe to our Youtube channel for help.

    2.How can we sell with Motsis 

    -After you become a member, you can easily upload your machines in the appropriate sector on

    -You can allow us to instantly launch ads for your machines to stand out in the Second hand and New machine sector.

    -You can subscribe to our Youtube channel for help.

    3. Does Motsis charge commission?

    -You do not pay commissions for any transactions you make with Motsis.

    4. How to buy a product with Motsis 

    -If you find the machine you need via, you can access the seller's information on the same page and start the purchase process.

    -A reliable partner is important when buying used and new machines.

    5.Making and sending payments in Motsis ? 

    -Payment;  Payment of the product you want to buy fully depends on the agreement between the    buyer and the seller.

    -Delivery; Delivery of product fully depends on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. is a mediator which brings buyers and sellers of second hand and new machines together. We do not take part in payment and delivery agreement.