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    Hidrobrasil 110T-PH4C Hydraulic Press Machine

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    ProductID 2557

    Model 110T - PH4C - 1300x1100

    Manufacturer HIDROBRASIL

    Manufacture Year 2018

    Status Assembled and Operative

    Origin Brazil

    Duration 2 / Year

    Location Kuzey Ren-Vestfalya, Almanya

    Date Added 17-Mar-2020



    Hydraulic press from Hidrobrasil Important companies from the automobile and aviation industry were among the customers of Hidrobrasil since the establishment of the company. Therefore, complying with the high standards of those globally operating companies was of utmost importance from the beginning. Highest Safety Requirements Every Hidrobrasil hydraulic press is manufactured according to the German and European Machine Guidelines (2006/42/EG), the EC norms and EU safety regulations Furthermore, all hydraulic presses accord to the national Brazilian security guideline NR 12, which is rooted in the Canadian and European safety requirements and even surpasses them in some points. Components of Leading Manufacturers All machines built for the European market are equipped solely with components from Bosch-Rexroth, SIEMENS and SICK. A motivated and qualified young team – many with college degrees – designs the Hidrobrasil presses using top-notch technology. Special Purpose Machinery Manufacture One of HidrobrasilS biggest assets are special purpose machinery manufacture and press automation. You can find many videos showing Hidrobrasil presses with such applications online. Hidrobrasil- Hydraulic Press Manufacturer in Europe Hidrobrasil EUROPE is taking care of customer service and spare part supply as well as obligatory safety inspections and slowing-down path controls of hydraulic presses. They also assist with moving machinery and the initial installation.

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