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Max 1000-1250 mm levent drum to work in accordance with the transverse.
It provides efficiency in all kinds of carpet yarn warp.

2-H 1250 model is attractive and winder.

1-H 1000 single engine airplane, one of which is made up of 2 units including electronic speed control and 2 ac motor-reducer tractors.

The yarn tension is continuously measured electronically from the 3-part puller and is kept constant at the set point.

In the winding section, you can do the electronic diameter control in accordance with the diameter during the warping process. 

Also pneumatic system reciprocating feed press system is available.

In accordance with the width of Levent, the opening-closing movement of the heads and the complete right-left movement of the event are independent motor-reducer movement and are button-controlled.

The whole machine is PLC controlled.

Meter-speed-tension values ​​are displayed digitally on the operator panel and automatically controlled at the desired level.


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 2964
Manufacturer : Kartaloğlu Makine Model : 2H-1250
Year : 2019 Status : New
Origin : Turkey Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : Denizli / Turkey
Date Added : 28.02.2019


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