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The machine is used for stranding the MV or HV power cables, split conductors for HV cables, with steel-wire or steel-tape armoring and Cu-wire or Cu- tape screening..

Main Features

1.The whole machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen. The separate drive motors start and run synchronically under highly automatic control, with easy and reliable operation.

2.All the motors are frequency convertible motors with converters for speed regulation, easy in maintenance.

3.The take-up pitch is adjustable online. The parameters are changed on the touch screen.

Main Technical Data

Take-up drum dimension-Drum width-loading capacity Twister maximum speed rotation


 Cradle Type Laying Up machine

It can produce every kind of cable with large cross-section,many core wires.And also telephone cables,control cables,mining cables,it can match armoring machine as customer’s demand.

The technical datas of : Underground cable laying up machine



Cross-section dia(mm²) 2-25 6-50 25-185 25-185 35-300

Outer dia (mm) 35 35 63 63 100

Stranding pitch(mm) 100-1500 100-1500 288-3200 288-3200 315-5650

Pay-off bobbin dia(mm) 630 800 1000 1250 1600

Host power(kw) 11 15 18.5 22 45

Rotating speed(r/min) 10-40 10-40 10-20 10-20 10-12


Price : $150,000.00 Product ID : 3004
Manufacturer : Beyde Trading Model : 1250
Year : 2019 Status : New
Origin : China Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 03.04.2019


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