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\-Workable panel thickness: 10 to 60 mm \-Edge thickness in coils (min/max) mm 0,4 - 3 mm \-Edge thickness in strips (solid wood)  20 mm \-Running driving chain speed  adjustable in continuos \---WORKING UNITS \-Pre-milling \-Hot melt glue pot ultra grano press \-Roller set to press the edge with 1+3  pression rollers \-End cutting with 2 motos tiltable automatically \-Top and bottom rough trimming unit \-Fine trimming unit                                                                                          \-Edge scraping  \-Glue scraping unit                                                                                         \-Milling shaping unit                                                                                          \-Sanding unit \-Brushing unit \-CE mark


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 3230
Manufacturer : Holzer Model : TRIATHLON-1488
Year : 2001 Status : Assembled and Operative
Origin : Italy Duration : 18 / Year
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 17.07.2019


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