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This machine is mainly suitable for the production of large-length bare aluminum, bare copper wire and steel-cored aluminum stranded wire and aluminum alloy wire and fan-shaped conductor twisted and pressed, round conductor twisted and drawn tight. The equipment adopts 36-level traction gearbox, double active and double traction device, and the splitter wheel adopts natural branching to avoid the wire core wiping during the stranding process. The tension of the equipment release line is controlled by pneumatic tension to ensure the coil is full. The fully-disconnected automatic parking device with uniform tension and empty function, the disconnected parking is directly controlled to each pay-disel, and the host immediately stops automatically when the disconnected cable is stopped.。

Main technical parameters

single core dia                                                                  copperφ1.5-5.0m


cage speed:               

6 bobbin                                                                    190r/min 6 class speed

12 bobbin                                                                 171r/min 6 class speed

strand pitch                                                                     34-950 mm

traction line speed                                                           62 m/min

motor power                                                                    75KW(AC)

pay off in cage                                                                 PND 630

traction wheel                                                                  φ1600mm

central pay off                                                                  PN630

take up bobbin size                                                          PN2500


Price : $90,000.00 Product ID : 3956
Manufacturer : Beyde Trading Model : 1+6+12
Year : 2019 Status : New
Origin : China Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 03.04.2019


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