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EasySTEAM - steamer machine for fixation

Is used to fix colorants on a wide range of fabrics printed with reactive and acid inks using the most common textile inkjet printers. The process exploits with condensed humidity and heating up to 102°C.

Steamer is equipped with stainless steel made vertical heat-insulating; steam generator up to 9kW power; internal fresh-air blower to evacuate remaining steam; winding tube; continuous controlling of steaming chamber rotation, from loading to working position.

The entire steaming cycle is regulated by an automatic timer and easy touchscreen controlling system.


·       Main functions – Steaming process of fabrics

·       Steaming temperature (max) -  102°C

·       Compatible fabrics - Any kind of fabrics tested and compatible with the machine feeding system

·       Compatible ink chemistries - Acid and reactive inks

·       Width of fabric reels (max) - 1.800 mm

·       Diameter of fabric reels (max) - 260 mm

·       Capacity of fabric reel (max) - 50 m (15 kg)

·       Electrical tension - 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph

·       Machine size - 1.020 x 750 x 2.750 mm

·       Machine weight - 400 kg

·       Power installed - 13 kW

·       Power consumption - 5,6 kWh

·       Water consumption - 9 l/h

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