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First-class, reliable and precise saw mills are manufactured by MAYER SAWS, a sawmill in southern Germany.

 The factory produces up to 160 saws a year, and the most popular model, the PS 80, is an efficient and extremely durable saw. The machine has a cutting width of 3200, 3800 or 4200 mm and a cutting speed of up to 100 m / min.

 The sawmill moves with hardened circular rails and is driven by a maintenance-free gear & rack system. The cutting length is automatically adjusted, the blade size is D 320 mm and the drawing blade D 150 mm.

 The airbag tables in front of the machine make it easy to handle even heavy products.

 The rear stop also works accurately and quickly with the rack & tooth system. The PC6200 controller is a very easy-to-use and quick-to-learn controller that informs the user of the machine's functions. Optimizer - optimization software is also a feature that gives you full functionality and speed. MAYER makes saws for wood, plastic and aluminum.

 They have already made more than 4,000 saws and now MAYER truly durable saws are reasonably available.


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 4210
Manufacturer : Mayer Model : PS 80
Year : 0 Status : Assembled and Operative
Origin : Germany Duration : -
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Date Added : 21.08.2019


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