Forming sections:            4

Press capacity:                1200 ToF                                            

Max outer diameter of part:        120 mm

Max across the flats:                     105 mm                                             

Max width:                      80 mm

Weight of piece:             0.445-3.0 kg                                        

Max bar diameter:         65 mm

Min bar diameter:          40 mm                                               

Stroke of ram:               320 mm

Cutting stroke:               260 mm                                             

Length for cutting:        45-135 mm

Die center distance:      320 mm                              

Max diameter of die:     Forming section 1 – 200 mm

Forming section 2, 3, 4 – 270 mm

Max die ejector stroke:  130 mm (die) / 50 mm (ram)               

Stroke:                             35-70/min

Area of the press:           9200 x 5900 mm                                

Height of the press:        3100 mm

Power of induction heating installation:  3.000 KW                     

Main motor power:                                     300 KW     

Power of auxiliary motors:                        7 KW

Productivity:                   1650 – 4500 pcs/h / 7-12 To/h             

Weight:                            176 To

 In the URB bearings plant from Brasov, with AMP-70 it used to be made bearing rings from bar steel 100 Cr6 (Max. Diameter of bar 65 mm), with the maximum weight of 3.0 Kg. For this machine we have tools for 58 types of bearings.

Moreover, we also hold complete technical documentation for all types of bearings’ rings mentioned above and drawings for main component parts of the machine.

The machine is equipped with distilled water cooling system and, its electrical transformer to provide electrical power required for induction heating system.


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 4224
Manufacturer : Hatebur Model : AMP 70
Year : 1965 Status : Assembled and Operative
Origin : Switzerland Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : Brașov County / Romania
Date Added : 26.08.2019


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