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Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is a company with rich tradition founded in 1987 in Samobor. The company's main business is sale of new and used metalworking machines, tools, and accessories and in its rich assortment has CNC machines, classic machines, accessories and measuring and cutting tools. More than 500 different machines are available daily for every need and variety of customer requirements. With years of experience, diligent work and care of quality and customer satisfaction, Metal-Kovis d.o.o. has become the leading company in the region for the distribution of metalworking machines. Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is representative and distributor of renowned European and world metal industry companies such as Baykal, Leadwell, Sahinler, Hidroliksan, Beka-Mak, Insize, BFT Burzoni, GSR and many others. In addition to sales and distribution, Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is also recognizable by an excellent service department and a top team of experts who can assist you in selecting machines for the development of your company. For larger machines, it offers the possibility of delivery to customers workshop, exchange old machines with new ones, and machine relocation services. Its mission is to further develop the metal industry, supply its customers and partners with top-of-the-range machines and tools from its distribution range, and consolidate and increase market presence with the aim of even greater customer satisfaction.
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Craven 1842 x 15000 Heavy-Duty Lathe Machine

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Condition:  excellent 

Machine Capacities

Height of Centres: 1842 mm

Maximum Distance between Centres: 15240 mm

Overall lenght of Bed: 21457 mm

Width over Bed Shears: 4267 mm

The maximum load on Centres: 100 tons

Angle of Centres: 90°

Maximum Swing in Diameter over Saddles: 3251 mm

Number of Front Saddles: Two

Number of Rear Saddles: One

Number of Auxiliary Screwcutting Slides: One

Number of Auxiliary Milling Attachments: One

Number of Auxiliary Grinding Attachments: One

Headstock Front Spindle Bearing: 610 x 1016 mm

Headstock Rear Spindle Bearing. 379 x 610 mm

Headstock Faceplate Diameter: 3353 mm

Maximum Gripping Diameter Externally: 3099 mm

Minimum Gripping Diameter Externally: 216 mm

Maximum Gipping Diameter Internally: 3518 mm

Minimum Gripping Diameter Internally: 635 mm

Maximum Capacity of open type Pad Stay: 1400 mm

Minimum Capacity of open type Pad Stay: 600 mm

Maximum Load in open type Pad Stay: 75 tons

Maximum Capacity of Stationary Stay: 813 mm

Minimum Capacity of Stationary Stay: 381 mm

Maximum Load in Stationary Stay: 50 tons

Maximum Capacity of Open Type Roller Stay: 2540 mm


Minimum Capacity of Open Type Roller Stay: 508 mm

Maximum Load in Open Type Roller Stay: 80 tons

Number of Headstock Spindle Speed Changes: Four

Spindle Speeds (four infinitely varible ranges) in r.p.m.:

0,8 to 2,4

2,02 to 6,1

5,2 to 15,7

13,3 to 40

Maximum Horse power Available at: 8 r.p.m (approx) and upwards

Number of Feed changes for Front and Rear Saddles: Six

Sliding Feeds (infinitely variable per minute): 0,8 to 387 mm

Surface Feeds (infinitely variable per minute): 0,4 to 192 mm

Front Top Slides Feeds (infinitely variable per minute): 3/4 Surfacing Feed

Screwcutting with Selsyn Rest: 1 to 25 mm pitch

Traverse of Front Top Slides: 813 mm

Traverse of Rear Top Slide: 229 mm

Traverse of Top Slide on Screwcutting Rest: 1010 mm


Number of Milling Spindle Speed Changes:Six

Range of Milling Spuindle Speeds: 40 to 400 r.p.m.

Milling Feeds (infinitely variable):

Longitudinal: 0,8 to 387 mm/minute

Traverse: 0,4 to 192 mm/minute

Milling Feeds to top Slide (infinitely variable): 0,4 to 192 mm/minute


Maximum Diameter to be Ground: 2388 mm

Grinding Spindle Speed: 800 r.p.m.

Size of Grinding Whell: 24" dia. x 10" bore. x 2" wid

Periphery Speed at 24" dia.: 5027 ft/min.


Main Driving Motor: 100 H.P. at 900 to 300 r.p.m.

Tailstock Traverse Motor: 5 H.P. at 1400 r.p.m.

Tailstock Locking Motor: 3 H.P. at 1400 r.p.m.

Saddle Feed and Quick Traverse Motors: 3 H.P. at 1500 to 500 r.p.m. (3 off)

Selsyn Transmitter on Headstock: 2^1/2 H.P.

Selysn Receiver motor on Screwcutting Rest: 2^1/2 H.P.

Grinding Head Spindle Motor: 5.H.P. at 1400 r.p.m.

Milling Head Spndle Motor: 5.H.P. at 1400 r.p.m.

oil Pump Motors for Headstock & Spindle Lub.: (2 off) each 1 H.P.

Oil Pump Motors for Saddle & Apron Gearing: (3 off) each 1/6 H.P.

Slideway Flushing pumps: (3 off) each 1/6 H.P.


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 4339
Manufacturer : Model : 1842X1500
Year : 1982 Status : Assembled and Operative
Origin : United Kingdom Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 14.01.2020


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