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Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is a company with rich tradition founded in 1987 in Samobor. The company's main business is sale of new and used metalworking machines, tools, and accessories and in its rich assortment has CNC machines, classic machines, accessories and measuring and cutting tools. More than 500 different machines are available daily for every need and variety of customer requirements. With years of experience, diligent work and care of quality and customer satisfaction, Metal-Kovis d.o.o. has become the leading company in the region for the distribution of metalworking machines. Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is representative and distributor of renowned European and world metal industry companies such as Baykal, Leadwell, Sahinler, Hidroliksan, Beka-Mak, Insize, BFT Burzoni, GSR and many others. In addition to sales and distribution, Metal-Kovis d.o.o. is also recognizable by an excellent service department and a top team of experts who can assist you in selecting machines for the development of your company. For larger machines, it offers the possibility of delivery to customers workshop, exchange old machines with new ones, and machine relocation services. Its mission is to further develop the metal industry, supply its customers and partners with top-of-the-range machines and tools from its distribution range, and consolidate and increase market presence with the aim of even greater customer satisfaction.
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Leadwell LTC-200 CNC lathe with DH-65 feeder

Code: LTC200DH65

Fanuc 0i-TF type 3 control unit

tool calibration device

diameter above guide rails: 500 mm

diameter over support: 320 mm

maximum turning diameter: 290 mm

maximum turning length: 300 mm

hole through shaft: 52 mm

maximum weight of piece (without horse): 24 kg

stroke on X axis: 150 + 20 mm

stroke on the Y axis: 338 mm

shaft speed: 4500 rpm

clamping head: Ø200 mm

shaft mounting: A2-6

front bearing diameter: 100/150 mm

rear bearing diameter: 90/140 mm

axle motor: Fanuc a8 / 8000i

engine power: 7.5 / 11 kW

torque: 132.8 Nm

maximum torque at 790 rpm

tool acceptance head: VDI30 (hydraulic head)

number of places in the head: 12

maximum tool grip: 20 mm / Ø32 mm

X-axis fast travel: 20 m / min

fast travel along the Z axis: 20 m / min

working stroke: 0.01-500 mm / rev

X / Z axis positioning accuracy (VDI 3441): 0.015 mm / 1000 mm

repetition accuracy along the X / Z axis (VDI 3441): 0.01 mm / 1000 mm

bearing width: 391 mm

guide rails width: 231 mm

bearing inclination: 30 degrees

X-axis motor: Fanuc a8Bi / 1.6 kW

X-axis torque: 8 Nm

thrust of X axis: 410 kg

axle motor: Fanuc a8i / 1.6 kW

torque Z axis: 8 Nm

Z axis thrust: 341.7 kg

horse: manual

stroke of the horse: 250 mm

horse pinola: hydraulic

stroke of pinola of horse: 75 mm

diameter of pinola of horse: 75 mm

cone in pinola of horse: MK4

maximum thrust of the horse: 392 kg

hydraulic pump motor: 1.5 kW

pump capacity: 30 L

pump pressure: 30 kg / cm 2

hydraulic tank: 35 L

cooling pump motor: 1.17 kW

pump capacity: 83 L / min

pump pressure: 3.2 kg / cm 2

emulsion tank: 125 L

central lubrication pump motor: 20W

pump capacity: 180 cc / min

pump pressure: 12-15 kg / cm 2

lubricating oil tank: 3 L

chain conveyor shavings

380V / 3 / 50Hz transformer

machine weight: 3600 kg

dimensions of the machine: 1815 × 1530 × 1700 mm

CE version 4

LNS DH-65 S2 feeder

rod diameter: 5-65 mm

bar length: 1200 mm

feeder filler: on the side

adding capacity: 650 mm

Propulsion: Pneumatic


Price : HRK64,689.00 Product ID : 4422
Manufacturer : Leadwell Model : LTC-200
Year : 2019 Status : New
Origin : Taiwan Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 30.12.2019


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