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Laser / Type:      Co2 laser 2400 watt  olie turbine

Machine Hour:  Machine apr 68,000 laser 38,000

Machine Condicion:       LOW PRICE sold as EXWORK

CNC:      Siemens 840 controld

Interface CNC:  Normal lan rj45 or disc

Power Neded:  400 volt fuse 3x 160 amp 50hz

Air: Clean compressed air no water – no oil – no dust min 6 bar

Cutting Gas:       N2 for stanles hi pressure min 30bar O2 for steel cuting min 10 bar

Gas for Laser:     Co2 – N2- HE max 6 bar

Worksice:            2500x1250mm

Space Neded in Factury:               7000x7000mm

Cutting Head:    5” + 7,5”

Machine Precision:         +/- 0,1mm

Cut Performens Steel:   Max 15 mm

Cut Performens Stanles:              Max 6 mm

Cut Performens Alu:      Max 5 mm

Servo Drive:       Maintenance-Free 3phase servo motor

Cutting Gas:       Automatic controld of gas pressure during cutting N2 and O2

Palet Changer:  Automatic palletchanger with 2 pallets 1. in machine cutting other in load or unload posicion behind machine for max performance

Hight Regulation:            Automatic hight regulation of nossel and cutting hight

Conveyor:           Conveyer for small part and trash

Cutting Head:    Fast exthange of cuttinghead

Safety Equipment:          Light barier – dust colektor – safty cabine on machine

Cooling Unit Laser:          Cooling unit laser need destilated water and kemicals for protektion


Price : Price On Request Product ID : 4637
Manufacturer : Trumpf Model : L2530
Year : 2001 Status : Assembled and Operative
Origin : Germany Duration : -
Last Revision Date : - Location : -
Date Added : 12.09.2019


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