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    W-Hone MF158A Round Saw Blade Grinder Machine

    Price on Request

    ProductID 2112

    Model MF158A

    Manufacturer W-HONE

    Manufacture Year 2019

    Status New

    Origin China (中国)

    Location Gauteng, South Africa

    Date Added 20-Nov-2019


    Roos Woodworking Machinery

    Allow us to take you on a journey, unlike any other you have ever encountered before. It is a journey that can be as exhilarating as buying a new Rolls-Royce. Unlike the Rolls-Royce, which depreciates, the machines you buy actually earn their value back over and over. See it as an investment if you like. Our journey with you will start with the end in mind. The PRODUCT you want to make. Your aim is never to buy the fanciest machines, because you can’t drive them around like a Rolls-Royce, rather it is to manufacture your product in the most effective and best way possible, over a certain period of time. You may not have thought about all the factors involved when choosing the correct machine, but we have! Allow us to share the following Curriculum Vitae of a machine.

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